Shopify SEO Services - Drive More Traffic & Sales

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective ways to grow your Shopify store and boost your sales. When you rank at the top results of search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, more people can reach your e-commerce business, and become regular customers. If you want to boost your Shopify store’s rankings, MyShopifyStore can help. Our Shopify SEO experts have years of experience in offering the best Shopify SEO services to drive more sales to Shopify stores.

E-commerce SEO Services to Increase Online Sales

SEO is the most essential way to drive website traffic. It plays a crucial part in growing and increasing your Shopify store’s revenue. Our experienced and award-winning team provide best our e-commerce SEO services to rank your Shopify store higher in search results by using most relative keywords that your target audience uses.

Our Best SEO Strategies

Our Shopify SEO experts follow result-oriented SEO strategies to optimize your website forhigher rankings and drive more traffic from search engines.
Keyword Research– Our Shopify SEO professionals do research and find the highest volume and lowest competition keywords that are relevant to your e- commerce business, categories, brands, and products.
Site Architecture– After research, we map those keywords to the pages of your Shopify store. We also add intent keywords to the collection, and product pages as well as informational intent keywords to blog pages.
On-page SEO– We then optimize those pages using the best techniques, letting Google know which keyword is focused on.
Technical SEO– We analyze your site to improve meta title, description, rich snippets and internal links. We also set up and maintain your Google Search Console & sitemap.
 Backlink Building – Our experienced Shopify experts get links through a variety of backlink building strategies including blogging, guest posting, social bookmarking, and more.

Content Marketing– Our professional SEO content writers create a unique content focused on mostly used keywords related to your e-commerce business to publish on your blog and wider publications.

Increase Sales Through Affordable Shopify SEO Services

At MyShopifyStore, we provide complete SEO Services at competent prices. We are determined to let you start your e commerce business with low expenses and higher sales. For that, you just have to hire our complete Shopify SEO services for your Shopify store. We make sure to establish a huge difference in your appearance on the Internet.

What do we offer in e-commerce SEO services?

1. Keyword Research

2. Link Building

3. Off Page SEO

4. Internal Linking

5. Search Engine Submission

6. Google Varification

7. Bing Varification

8. Web Directory Submission

9. Google WebMaster Advanced Setup

10. Product Tags Research

11. Google Map Submission

12. Business listing submission

13. Social Bookmarking

14. High DA/PA/PR SEO Directories Submission

15. Google Link Fetching

16. On Page SEO