Faq - My Shopify Stores

Dropshipping is a business model that allows entrepreneurs to start their own online store without even buying products or inventory. When a client orders something from your store, you will buy that product from your supplier and they directly ship that order to your customer.

Obviously, we know buying things from online stores can be risky, we take care of all your personal information and your data is encrypted safely and securely.

Every store has a list in the description what is encompassed with what you buy. Some stores are available with domains and social media accounts.

Live products are the number of products that are presently live on the store. Imported products are those products that we have already imported into Oberlo for you and that need to be edited and published to your store.

When you have purchased your store you will instantly receive secure download link with a ZIP which includes your credentials, design files, theme files, and other assets.

We don’t offer any refund, our premade stores are first come first serve and when a customer purchase a store, and he will have access to all the credentials, so we don’t want to take a risk by putting that store back into the marketplace. If we are to make an allowance there will be a fee of $100 to relist the store.

That depends on your marketing skills. We don’t guarantee that. If you have a strong strategy and marketing plan then you will make sales easily from our premade stores.

No we don’t. But may be in the future we may allow our users to list their own store for a small fee only if those stores meet our quality and requirement before being accepted.

We accept all main credit cards and Paypal as well.

You buy a store like you buy any other product. Add it to your cart and enter payment details at checkout.

Yes, we do. Premade stores are for those who cannot wait for few days to be built and save a little cash.  You can check out the prices of custom stores by clicking on the pricing tab. Prices may vary from what is shown.

No, just a one-time purchase. You can contact us for rates if you want additional customization.

After buying a store you will need to upgrade to a paid plan and add your billing and shipping information, and you are all set. If you are selling from outside of US then you have to change US dollar currency to your current country currency.

Immediately. After your purchase all the store files and credentials are sent to you via email.

We source most of our products for stores using AliExpress. If using a US supplier shipping it used to take 12-20 days but now around 30 -50 days. If want faster shipping then you can use dropshipping app of Amazon and source products from Amazon.